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Special offer here.

Are you selling or renting your property?

Can we offer your property to the world or just locally?

Are you seen on Google? 

Are you seen on Google my business? 

We can get your property seen on Google and on Google maps. 

Why let the real estate companies do the business?

Now you the home owner have the power to sell your own

property through Google. We can help you? 

We already have the templates ready for you.  You only need

to send us your photos, description, video if you have one

even price. We will put this template on Google. Or we can

send you the template, fill it in and we can upload it on Google

for you price is BD50 or USD135. 

Included in the price :

Template rental or for sale of property 
Set -up of Google my Business
Template installed in Google my Business and Google Maps

Your telephone number in  Google my Business and Google Maps‚Äč

Micronetics Marketing and promotion SPC

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off market properties list.