You deserve to recline in luxury's lap, but keep in mind, you can still make money with your property. With a return on investment. Make your property work for you.

commercial real estate for sale or residential real estate also for sale from Golden Visa properties.

We want what's best for you. 

We cultivate a selection of unique, stylish, timeless, and modern homes – befitting of our A-list clientele. We also offer direct sales, which is a service with whatsapp, direct to the phone of high net value.

We want what's right for you.

You have a personal stylist – why should your search for real estate differ at all? Our team gets to know you and what you're looking for. 

We are based here in the GCC countries, which is comprised of Kuwait, Bahrain, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, UAE and Oman.

Are you looking for customers to buy your property? We are in a different geographical area to you. So we have a different audience to you. Golden Visa properties is the answer to touch a new audience.

Golden Visa properties, both commercial and residencial

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Invest in the future you're creating.  We have properties which can also make you money.

Timeless style is worth every penny. Golden Visa properties offers not just residential, but also businesses for sale. with a high return on investment, so why not give us a call?

We match you to your dream home. 

For more than 30 years, we've made magical connections between customers and properties. Its time we shared our secrets with you too

  • Live the high life you know you deserve 
  • Bump elbows and share lawns with your idol 
  • Buy properties in prestigious neighborhoods 
  • Develop deep, new relationships 
  • Open yourself to a world of opportunity 

We make dreams become reality. 

You dream big; that's how you got here. Now, start living in the dreams you've always had. Golden Visa properties

  • Exclusive listings you can't find elsewhere 
  • Consultations from leading stylists 
  • Access to the stars' interior designers 
  • Executive Viewings available 
  • Unparalleled service 

Golden Visa properties has stunning properties in the best locations.

You have discerning taste and high standards. Golden Visa properties is a gateway to speaking directly with the owners or the representatives of the owners.

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